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At South Texas Women’s Health & Medical Spa, Dr. James Meyer offers many facial rejuvenation features to the residents of Uvalde, Texas. At the facility, the doctor offers chemical peels to eliminate the visible presence of acne scars, blemishes, sun spots, and very fine lines.

Chemical Peels Q & A

How are Chemical Peels Performed?

A chemical peel is performed by applying a chemical solution to the surface of the face. Several layers may be applied and left to remain for several minutes. Once the chemical solution is removed, the skin will begin to dry up and begin to slough off. The skin will become extremely rough and dry. The old skin will begin to crack and fall away as the newer skin underneath begins to show through. As the skin begins to peel away, the fresh skin may look shiny and very pink. This skin will also look very soft and tender and will be extremely sensitive to the touch. It may feel as if the skin has been sunburnt.

Do Chemical Peels Have Side Effects?

The main side effect associated with chemical peels is a reaction to the chemical solution that is applied to the face. There may be a minimal risk of infection, but this only occurs if the skin eventually breaks or lesion forms. The entire area where the chemical was applied will be very sensitive to the touch. The surface of the face may look rough and chapped until the old skin begins to slough away. The tenderness to the touch that presents itself after the new skin has been exposed normally only lasts for a day or so. Most of the discomfort associated with the procedure will have completely disappeared within a few days.

How Long Do the Results of a Chemical Peel Last?

The results of a chemical peel will last anywhere from one to three months, depending on how deep into the skin the chemical was allowed to reach. Part of the reason for the short duration is that many blemishes go much deeper into the tissues than a chemical peel can reach. Receiving a chemical peel every month for four to six months can help to clear away many different types of blemishes like sun spots or light wrinkles, but they won’t take them away permanently. Some blemishes, especially scars that go deep into the tissues, may never be completely removed, although they may be dramatically lightened.

Most Insurances Accepted

At South Texas Women's Health & Medical Spa, we are dedicated to our patients' health. We accept a variety of insurance providers to make sure that all of our patients are covered. If your insurance is not listed or if you have any questions, please call our office to see how we can partner with you. CareCredit is accepted for all procedures.

Please be aware that we do not accept insurance for any of our Aesthetic procedures.

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