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At South Texas Women’s Health & Medical Spa, Dr. James Meyer and his staff offer Well Woman exams to their female patients who live in the Uvalde, Texas area. The doctor offers his patients the highest quality of preventative care possible.

Well Woman Exam Q & A

What is a Well Woman Exam?

A well woman exam is a comprehensive yearly exam performed in an OB/GYN office. In addition to checking a woman’s overall health, the doctor will also perform a Pap smear, mammogram, and any STD testing they feel is necessary. Much like an examination that would be performed in a family care provider’s office, a well woman exam looks at the entire health profile as a whole. Well woman exams are designed to keep a woman’s reproductive health into the equation. While this is also true of an annual physical, the OB/GYN can identify problems with the reproductive system that a primary care physician may not.

Does a Well Woman Exam Take the Place of a Yearly Physical?

While a well woman exam is comprehensive and includes the reproductive system, a woman should still continue to see her primary care physician once a year, especially if she has other chronic health issues outside of her reproductive system. A well woman exam focuses on a woman’s reproductive system although all other aspects are looked into. If the doctor performing the procedure specializes in family care as well as obstetrics and gynecology, then only one annual exam is needed. Most doctors are quite capable of evaluating both general and reproductive health but may overlook details in one aspect or another.

What Health Conditions Can a Well Woman Exam Detect?

A well woman exam can detect many of the same conditions as an annual exam. This type of exam includes other tests that can detect health conditions associated with the reproductive system, including sexually transmitted diseases, breast cancer, pelvic infections, and hormonal imbalances associated with menopause. Although an annual exam can detect these issues as well, they may not be a priority, and some signs and symptoms may be overlooked. A thorough examination of the reproductive organs can also uncover symptoms like vaginal atrophy and dryness. Unless a person specifically complains about certain symptoms, the doctor may not realize a problem exists.

Most Insurances Accepted

At South Texas Women's Health & Medical Spa, we are dedicated to our patients' health. We accept a variety of insurance providers to make sure that all of our patients are covered. If your insurance is not listed or if you have any questions, please call our office to see how we can partner with you. CareCredit is accepted for all procedures.

Please be aware that we do not accept insurance for any of our Aesthetic procedures.

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